24/7 Website Maintenance Service

Once a website is launched, there are many important factors that determine the way in which it will be received – one of them is the website maintenance service. Essential for both user and administrator, maintenance should be as professional as possible and the experts taking care of this aspect have to be skilled and prepared to resolve any issue at all times. A leading I.T. representative, HavePC offers reliable website maintenance service 24/7, guaranteeing a smooth, bug-free experience. Our team of qualified programmers is ready to assist you during and after business hours, so no matter what problem you might experience, they will deal with it in the most timely manner. We are fully aware of the fact that your website should always be perfect and ready to attract new customers, which is why we deal with inquiries in a matter of minutes. To make things even better, the HavePC maintenance service is cost-effective, helping you make more profit and use your fully functional website to its full potential.

Service Details

Availability 24/7
Business Hours Rate $45 per hour - 1 hour minimum
After Hours Rate $75 per hour - 1 hour minimum