About HavePC

How we Started

HavePC comes in and takes web hosting services to the next level. 

All our web hosting packages are secure cloud based hosting, which allows us to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on network web hosting. 

Even for the smallest businesses this can be a huge productivity boost. 

Our solutions are simply better because they are not mass-produced to serve the entire industry they are tailored for our client’s individually.

We manage your I.T. infrastructure for you, so you can focus on your business. 

Where we stand

We started working for you in 2000 around Southern California covering Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego; since then our award winning all in one package of I.T. solutions has helped hundreds of business all over the world.

By providing you with next generation Web Design, Web Hosting, Cloud Server, VoIP, I.T. Solutions, Online Marketing, Application Development, Graphics and Printing we are the premier I.T. solutions company.

At HavePC we offer all your I.T. needs under one roof where clients have the comfort of an in-house I.T. and access to 24/7 customer service.