Graphics & Printing

Stand out and get your business noticed with quality, custom graphics and high quality printing services. Our graphics and printing packages come complete with experienced designers that are ready for any project you need. From logos & banners, to the complete package, we are ready to assist you in your brand development process. Call us now for a free consultation.


Brand Development

brand development

Our brand reinvention process helps companies of any size truly understand their brand development (where it is and where it needs to be) and leverage it to its fullest advantage. Continue reading ...



Get noticed and become memorable. Work with your tagline to define your market niche and/or competitive benefit. A logo should not remain the same over a prolonged period of time; it needs to evolve as technology, styles and preferences change. Continue reading ...



HavePC offers full color printing on the front and back of your stationery, giving your logo and other branding elements a brilliant display. Continue reading ...

Business Cards

business cards

Hand out great looking Business Cards. The first thing you hand new customers, and the one they're most likely to hold on to, is your business card. We'll help you design eye-catching cards and print them for you perfectly. Continue reading ...



Brochures are one of the most diverse marketing mediums available since they're suited to a wide variety of situations. They serve as an interactive guide when explaining products and services, and point out key features and benefits to the customer. Continue reading ...



Flyer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your company's products and services anywhere, any time. Eye-catching, ultra-glossy flyers command immediate attention, so they're the perfect vehicles for quick and influential marketing that drives response. Continue reading ...



Ensure the amount of customers and reach maximum capacity of a venue at your next event by printing and distributing tickets. This is also another great way to promote an event, aside from flyer distribution. Continue reading ...



Posters are one of the absolute best marketing tools out there. They get noticed, and they can influence many people at once. To top it off, posters are inexpensive to print. Continue reading ...



Banners should be both great looking and durable, which is why you should use a company like us. We use state-of-the-art large-format digital banner printing presses, so you get a high-quality banner that stands out in a crowd. Continue reading ...

Retractable Displays

retractable displays

Retractable banner stands are the quickest way to display custom color graphics at seminars, presentations, sales promotions, events, corporate parties, retail stores and more. These freestanding exhibit displays feature a winding system that protects and unfolds its inside banner in a few seconds. Continue reading ...

Trade Show Booths & Design

trade show booths

As an exhibitor, breaking through the clutter to make a prospect stop, look, and listen is critical. Your exhibit design and messaging must drive home a compelling benefit right away. Continue reading ...

Custom Graphics

custom graphics

Here at HavePC, we always allow time to customize images to make them more unique. Who wants the same image that is on 50 other websites? Continue reading ...


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